KB: Underground Railroad in Indiana (Adults) 6:00pm

Event Type: Adult Programs
Date: 4/21/2017
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 7:00 PM
 As enslaved Africans tried to gain their freedom in America, many decided their only option was to run north into states that did not allow slavery or to escape into Canada. An "Underground Railroad" emerged - a network of individuals and communities who helped fugitive slaves. The UGRR was most active in Indiana between 1830-1865, and because aiding an escaped slave was illegal it was usually carried out in secret. Participants were diverse, and protection from slave hunters was given at risk to everyone involved. Every Indiana community has oral histories about individuals who participated in the UGRR, but because the nature of the network was secretive, it is sometimes difficult to substantiate the stories. A statewide initiative, the Indiana Freedom Trails, is working to confirm and document sites that can be definitively linked to the UGRR.

Join us for a special program, presented in partnership with the Delaware County Historical Society's Ancestor Hunters, about the history of the Underground Railroad in Indiana with guest speaker Jeannie R. Regan-Dinius, Director of Special Initiatives for the State of Indiana. Jeannie has a life-long interest in history, family history and research and earned her Bachelors in Public History from Ball State University where she also studied anthropology and American Studies. She earned her Masters in Urban Planning and Information Management/Library Science from IUPUI and was Executive Director of a 96-acre historic park in Huntington, IN before helping to work on the UGRR research initiative.
Library: John F. Kennedy Library
Location: KB - Meeting Room
Contact: Kennedy Information Desk
Contact Number: 747-8209
Presenter: Jeannie R. Regan-Dinius